Dual small practice pad 7” (17,5cm).

A very important advantage of the pad is two-sidedness. The use of two different rubbers with appropriately selected parameters of hardness allows you to perform a wide range of exercises hands. Rubber medium-soft (front) reflects well, which gives the best results for practicing fingers and wrists. It is also excellent to improve all the techniques of playing. Hard rubber (rear) is ideal for practicing your wrists, because less reflects, and thus it forces to work harder your wrists.

The smallest and lightest pad in our offer. It weighs only 0.4kg with a diameter of 17,5cm. It would fit into any bag or backpack for sure and yet it will not feel almost its weight. Good and efficient in practice, not only at home but also in each trip, even faraway one.

diameter: 7’’/17,5cm
thickness: 2,1cm
weight: 0,4kg