Single practice pad 12” (30cm).

This is the one single practice pad in our offer. It has medium-soft rubber at front that reflects well and gives the best results for practicing fingers and wrists. It is also excellent to improve all the techniques of playing. At the other side it equipped in anti-skid foam that has great influence for the comfort of practising when isn’t beeing placed on stand but lays down on smooth surface.

This is also the biggest practce pad in our offer but it’s much lighter then 12’’ dual practice pad due to use of foam. So if you care about the largest practicing area and also the lowest weight, GK-SM12 practice pad would be the best solution. Good and efficient in practice, not only at home but also in each trip, even faraway one.

diameter: 12’’/30cm
thickness: 1.9cm
weight: 0.82kg